Wow! I can't believe it is the end of the school year already. I have appreciated and enjoyed working with the parents, community members, staff, and most important the students at Perry Elementary. Thank you to all of the parents that have assisted with our PTCO, classroom parties, and field trips. I am excited about the future of Perry. I have shared with parents and staff, that WE ARE PERRY and we need to make sure we keep our school in-focus with what our students and community need to keep progressing. One of those areas is to have a short and long term plan for Perry Elementary. We have developed a Perry Strategic Plan that is aligned to District 100 Strategic Plan. Here is the basis of mission, vision, and values for Perry to the years to come.

OUR MISSION - Why do we exist?
Inspiring all learners to reach their individual potential

COUR VALUES - What do we stand for?

  • Celebrate Individuality 
  • Collaborative Learners 
  • Build Curiosity 
  • Safe and supportive environment 
  • High individual expectations 

VISION - Where are we headed?
Individual potential is achieved when learners demonstrate:

  • Social, academic, and life skills necessary to graduate from high school and preparedness for higher education.
  • Responsibility and respect for their education through personalized learning goals and innovative use of technology.
  • Social emotional competency and consideration of individual and cultural differences

Our school district’s strategic plan calls for a more student-centered approach to education. One way we are doing that at Perry Elementary is through a more student-centered approach to education. In some classrooms, students have been setting learning goals for themselves all year long, working to achieve their goal, then “testing” or proving their learning to show they have accomplished their goal.  Also in some classrooms, students have been setting goals all year long and have been so excited to share when they meet those goals. Goal setting is just one way to help our students “own” their learning and be an active part of moving themselves forward.  We are really excited for how this is allowing us to meet students where they are at! We look forward to continuing on this journey with our students and families into next year! goal setting with students.