Student Centered Learning - What Does It Look Like at Perry?

Our school district’s strategic plan calls for a more student-centered approach to education.

One way we are doing that at Perry Elementary is the development of individual work plans and personalized learning. Our teachers have been working more with small groups that focus on the individual needs of students. Grouping of students is done by analyzing data collected from district and classroom assessments and targeting specific skills that are fundamental for learning concepts for each student. Individual work plans are developed for students to complete certain tasks and/or activities to continue to develop skills and concepts. This is happening in more classrooms in the area of Reading and Language Arts compared to math, but math will be an area that will be focused on in the future.   As a result of this, our children are able to receive more intensive instruction and assistance throughout the year that meets their needs   We are really excited for how this is allowing us to meet students where they are at to make more individual growth of students.  Look for more information to come!

Finally, as a staff, we are in process of developing our long-range mission, vision and values. More information regarding this will be coming in the next couple of months. We will  also gather parent and community suggestions/input.