Parent Satisfaction Survey

Each year, District 100 gives a Satisfaction Survey to parents. The survey instrument was developed with a national polling organization. This information helps District 100 and its schools to better understand what is working well and to target where to focus efforts for improvement. 

In the fall survey, parents at our school told us that we were strong at:
1. My child’s learning is a high priority at this school.
2. I would recommend this school to other parents.
3. This school provides a safe environment for my child to learn.

Two areas we are working to improve in the coming year are to:
1.  I receive positive phone calls, emails, or notes about my child from the school.
*We as a staff are going to make a more conscience effort to provide positive feedback regarding students using positive notes, phone calls, shout outs in Pawsitive news.
*Principal will start writing positive notes on report cards for 3rd (K-1) and 4th quarter (2-3). This is also an area we are working on staff providing positive feedback to other staff members.

2. My child has the necessary classroom supplies and equipment for effective learning.
*There are a variety of resources that are available at Perry. However, we need to develop an easier system to get materials in the hands of teachers to use in the classroom.
*We have started to update classroom furniture to create more types of flexible seating arrangements in classrooms. 
*Instructional practices are being reviewed to be more student-centered which will increase the amount of hands-on resources as well as technology.