Tech News

During the months of December and January our elementary, middle, and high schools had the opportunity to participate in Google Expeditions.  Expeditions is a two part program designed to allow students to participate in “virtual” field trips. The first part is virtual reality where students use goggles to travel to fascinating places.  The second part is augmented reality where students find 3D digital objects placed in the classroom using a smartphone and selfie stick.

Belvidere students had the tremendous opportunity to experience the augmented reality portion of Expeditions which is still in Beta, which means it has not been released to the public. Google is reaching out to one million students and plans to have the program operating at its top level by the end of the school year.

Learning is brought to life, creating a high level of enthusiasm as students travel the solar system, explore the ocean floor, see a volcano erupt, witness a tornado, visit with dinosaurs, and examine a variety of Earth’s landforms.