September 12, 2017

Over the past 3 days, administration in District 100 has received some complaints regarding actions of students at the Friday football game.

As a school district, one of our stated values is to Respect Diversity and respect all individuals by acting in a manner that affirms all students.  We expect students to engage in civil discourse and not to demean or devalue others.  We are dedicated to providing a safe and healthy learning environment for all of our students.

While some of the complaints brought to our attention did not apply to actual events, and inaccuracies are being reported on social media, we acknowledge that occurrences at the game made some in our community uncomfortable and offended others. 

Some in the BNHS student section displayed an official Donald Trump campaign sign.  Members of the BNHS “Blue Crew” student section also wore hard hats, something the student section has done since the school’s inception in 2007.  Neither of these actions are offensive at face value.  However, we understand that in today’s polarized political environment, the actions could be offensive to some. We are addressing this with students and working to ensure that we educate our children on appropriate conduct and ways to communicate in a manner that is not intended to be hurtful or demeaning to others. 

Our goal at Belvidere North High School is to promote learning for students, in an environment where our individual uniqueness can be celebrated. The way we interact with each other in this building and at school sponsored events should demonstrate courtesy, good sportsmanship, and respect for differences. At the same time, the school district is legally required to allow students’ freedom of speech. Any and all actions which may violate school policies are dealt with appropriately.  

As always, students are encouraged to report any inappropriate behavior at school or school functions. School staff, including administrators, counselors, and social workers are available to any student who feels threatened or harassed.