group gathered at retiree party

The Belvidere School District honored 32 retirees at a dinner celebration on May 17, 2017.

 The event was held at Tropical Oasis Restaurant at the former Bel-Mar Country Club and Golf.

The event was put together by District 100 and the Belvidere Education Association. The longest serving retiree this year is fifth grade teacher, Kathryn Brand, who will retire after 38 years of teaching.

Best of luck to all our retirees as they begin the next chapter in their lives. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of so many young people throughout your years of service.

Name Position Location Years of Service
Beatriz Anderson Teacher - Spanish BCMS 31
Norman Archer Custodian BCMS 10
Lois Balsman Paraprofessional SWES 11
Kathryn Brand Teacher - 5th Grade CES 38
Pamela Brown Teacher - ED BSMS 14
Diane Byers Teacher - 1st grade MES 33
Karen Cantele Teacher - Music BHS 23
Arthur Commare Director of Buildings & Grounds Building & Grounds 23
Jody Dahlseng Principal PES 12
James Dennison Level 1 Tech BSMS 6
Larry Doss Teacher - Tech Ed BHS 24
Daniel Druckrey Custodian BCMS 21
Susan Fanter Teacher - FACS BHS 12
Patricia Fetters Teacher - LD Resource CES 33
Jane Finnicum Teacher - Art SWES 17
Connie Fowler Reading Specialist WA 21
Catherine Gonet Teacher - LD/EMH BSMS 35
Linda Jarvis Teacher - Title I Reading LES 20
Margaret Mann Teacher - LD Resource SWES 24
Julie Morris Administrative Assistant to HR Central Office 11
Jayne Nelson Teacher - 2nd grade SWES 33
Patricia Regan Teacher - Language Arts BSMS 19
James Schoepski Teacher - Social Studies BHS 34
Cheryl Sturges Teacher - FACS BHS 23
Marybeth Sundberg Teacher - LD Resource MES 32
Christal Tompkins Teacher - LD Resource MES 20
Deborah Tracy Teacher - FACS BNHS 29
Pamela Weir Teacher - Math BCMS 21
Paul Widhalm Teacher - Agriculture BHS 23
Susan Williams Teacher - 5th grade SWES 27
Nanette Zickert Teacher - 2nd grade CES 30
Victor Zoellick Custodian CES 9