One area of focus for our Central Office staff is customer care/service.  A District Customer Care Team comprised of representatives from all District 100 groups was recently created.  

This team is receiving training to ensure we are delivering customer care to all of our stakeholder groups.  Members from this team will be providing district-wide trainings in the near future.  Additionally, our Central Office staff has participated in our own customer care training.  One area of emphasis from this training is to respond to all of our customers in a timely manner. Here are some of our takeaways from the training:

  • We will answer your phone calls in a friendly voice and state name, position, department.

  • If you call someone that does not know the answer, we will get you to the person that does know the answer.  In other words you won’t get the “runaround”.

  • Our voice messages should also include the above information and also specify when we will get back to you (within 24 hours or longer depending on how long we may be out of  the office).  Our Central Office staff is making it a priority to respond to you in a timely manner because our role is to support you so that you have the resources and information to do your job effectively.  

  • If we are going to be out of the office longer than 24 hours, we will provide the name and number of a contact who will be able to provide you immediate support in our absence.

We look forward to continuing our work with you to make Belvidere School District 100 a GREAT place to be!

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