Reminder of District 100 Winter Weather Guidelines

When hazardous weather threatens:

  • The Superintendent will consider input from the Transportation Manager, Buildings and Grounds Manager, area superintendents, and information from local meteorologists and online weather resources.

When a late start is deemed necessary:

  • A decision is usually determined by 5:30 am

  • Bus pick up times are one hour later

  • ​School start times are one hour later

  • All Staff start times one hour later

  • In the event of a late start on a regularly-scheduled early dismissal day, the early dismissal will be cancelled and school will follow the regular dismissal times

  • Running Start students follow Rock Valley College class hours

  • AM Pre-School session cancelled

    • All Pre-School staff report times are 1 hour later

When a cancellation of classes is deemed necessary:

  • A decision is usually determined by 5:30 am

  • All weather-related cancellations must be made up. Make-up dates are part of the District calendar

  • All District schools, preschool/early learning program sites, and before- and after-school programs will be closed

  • All school activity and athletic events are cancelled

    • Weekend events will be considered and communicated separately

  • 12 month employees are asked to report to work based on circumstance / Superintendent decision (normal start time, 1 hour late, stay home)


When an early dismissal is deemed necessary:​

  • A decision is generally made by 10 am

  • Middle and High Schools: 1:05 pm

  • Elementary Schools: 2:05 pm (no change)

    • Elementary dismissal time does not change

    • PM Pre-School will also be dismissed at 2:05 pm

  • There will be no Third Base

  • Children normally transported on buses will be returned by bus according to the early dismissal schedule unless other arrangements have been previously made and communicated to the child’s school

  • All after school activities are cancelled

After School Activities:

  • The superintendent makes the decision after reviewing situation with Athletic Directors and principals

  • The decision is made at the district level and applies to all after school activities

    • Weekend events will be considered and communicated separately

  • Third Base will continue to run under Park District discretion


Announcements of District weather-related decisions are communicated through local media outlets and multiple District communication platforms, including the District’s website, District Facebook Page, Twitter and SchoolMessenger.

***The District must make one decision that is appropriate for more than 8,000 students and 1,500 staff members. We recognize that this decision may not always fit with individual circumstances.