District 100 is excited to announce that two of this year's finalists for the Golden Apple Awards are from the Belvidere School District!

Nearly 600 teachers in our area were originally nominated. 

These PreK - 5th grade teachers were chosen by a selection committee of community volunteers who had the difficult task of selecting only 20 teachers from a large group of worthy nominees. 

AmyCarol Bedows                                                                             Sylvia Landreth
Rockford Christian                                                                             Fairview Early Education Center
Fourth Grade                                                                                      Early Childhood - Bilingual Spanish/English

Wendy Breit                                                                                        Suzette Muck
Riverview Elementary                                                                       Poplar Grove Elementary
Second grade                                                                                    First-Third Grade Special Education

Allison Decman                                                                                 Gabriela Nunez-Reagan  
Keith Country Day                                                                             Seth Whitman Elementary
Third Grade                                                                                        First Grade Dual Language

Heather Geary                                                                                   Ashley Schwabero
Whitehead Elementary                                                                     Prairie Hill Elementary
Fourth Grade                                                                                     Fourth Grade

Christy Grace                                                                                     Jennifer Stella
Manchester Elementary                                                                   Rock Cut Elementary
Second Grade                                                                                    Fifth Grade

Mary Haas                                                                                          Laura Stites
Holy Family                                                                                        Caledonia Elementary
Kindergarten-Eighth Grade Art                                                       Fifth Grade Math and English

Rachel Huetson                                                                                 Lance Tuula
Nelson Elementary                                                                           Whitman Post Elementary
First Grade                                                                                         Fifth Grade

Ingrid Hyde                                                                                        Amy Wright
Machesney Elementary                                                                   Prairie Hill Elementary
First-Sixth Grades General Art/Fine Arts Academy                    First Grade

Jean Johnson                                                                                    Fort Zackary
Marshall Elementary                                                                         Carlson Elementary
Third Grade - Gifted                                                                           Kindergarten

Laura Johnson
Nashold Early Childhood Center
Early Childhood

Katherine Koehler
Ledgewood Elementary
First Grade

These teachers will be observed in their classrooms by trained community volunteers on three separate occasions between Jan. 16 and Feb. 16, 2018. The next step in the selection process after observations is an interview. The process culminates with the selection of five teachers who will receive the prestigious Golden Apple Award in surprise classroom presentations featured by WREX-13 and the Rockford Register Star.