Our school district’s strategic plan calls for a more student-centered approach to education.  

Each of our grade levels has a unique way of meeting the needs of their students.  This year our 4th grade team has students move amongst the three teachers for their core subjects (math, reading, and science/SS).  Our teachers meet regularly to regroup students based upon their current needs, and students are assigned to classes where teachers can tailor instruction to their specific needs.  As a result of this, our children are able to receive instruction and assistance throughout the year that is specific to where they are at!. Look for more information about what some of our other grade levels are doing in future newsletters!

One way we are doing that at Caledonia is through goal setting. Students set specific goals for themselves and work toward those goals with the help of the teacher.  Here is a picture of a couple second grade goals. One student wants to get better with money and another wants to learn multiplication.