Welcome to the BSMS Counseling Department

The Belvidere South Counseling Department provides a comprehensive counseling program that aims to meet the needs of all students in the areas of academic achievement, social/emotional development, and career readiness.


 Mr. Lassandro
A - L


Mrs. Jacobson
M - Z


Individual Counseling

Assist students with social, emotional, and academic needs.​

Group Counseling

Meet with small groups to discuss family, friends, peer pressure, socialization, anger management, etc...​

Career Counseling

Meet with students to expose them to various careers.

Conflict Resolutions

Assist students in resolving conflict with peers, family, academics.

Peer Mediation

Meet with students to assist in resolving differences and discuss issues such as bullying.​ For more information about Peer Mediation, please click on the words to the left.

Registration and Orientation

Meet with students and families, assisting in the registration process when entering the district and our school.​

Assistance Referral Team

Staff meetings outlining how to assist students who are struggling academically and/or social/emotionally.

Community Referrals/Resources

Provide information to families for services outside of the district.​

Mentor Programs

Meet with staff and students to assist in transition periods, academics, procedural guidance, and social interaction.​


Test Taking Tips:

DETER Test Taking Strategies 2013-14.pdf (Test Taking Strategies)

Mr. Lassandro's Test Taking Tips.doc

Strategies for taking standardized tests.pdf

6th, 7th, & 8th Grade students take the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) test two times a year in the winter and spring. ​To learn more about the MAP test click the image to the left.




Parent Resources

Career Cruising is an internet-career guidance and planning system that can be accessed from school or home. It is available to all BSMS students, families, and friends. Career Cruising helps guide students through high school with a timeline of activities and dates. The program explores post high school education, training, and careers. It gives information on financial assistance and job outlook. Information includes schools and programs from all 50 states. Check it out at the link above. Contact Mrs. Jacobson  at 815-547-4184 or Mr. Lassandro 815-547-1043  or ask your student for username and password to access site. 

Career Cruising Newsletter

Belvidere High School 8th Grade Presentation:
8th Grade BHS Class of 2018-19.pdf
Belvidere South Middle School Parent Presentation:PARENT _PRESENTATION (1).pdf
Belvidere South Middle School New Student Encore Selection Forms:
6thGrade New Student Encore Selection Form (1).pdf
6thGrade New Student Encore Selection Form Page 2.pdf
7thGrade New Student Encore Selection Form (1).pdf
7thGrade New Student Encore Selection Form Page 2.pdf
8thGrade New Student Encore Selection Form (1).pdf
8thGrade New Student Encore Selection Form Page 2.pdf