Kevin Polky of k p Counseling worked with students and staff at both middle schools in October, sharing a powerful message about emotional resiliency.

At the School Improvement Day on October 6th, staff from both Central Middle School and South Middle School had the opportunity to hear guest speaker Kevin Polky.  On October 20, My Polky made his presentation to all students at BCMS during their PE/Health classes, and parents had the opportunity to hear his message during conferences.

From Mara Anton – 6th grade:

Recently, Mr. Kevin Polky, founder of K P Counseling in Rockford, Illinois, came to BCMS to help students understand the power of emotional resiliency. Polky told students that SISU was a Finnish term meaning the art of living with courage, empowerment, resiliency, and self-discipline. The guest speaker showed a few videos of people demonstrating SISU and then gave students an opportunity to identify role models exhibiting SISU. Polky stressed that, “One small positive change in behavior can lead us down the track towards SISU.” Students really enjoyed Mr. Kevin Polky’s presentation.