The 2019 Golden Apple nominees have been announced - BCMS is proud to have 15 nominees!

Don Ahlberg , PLTW
Roger Christensen, 8th grade Science (Quest)
Robert Fleischmann, 8th grade Science (Navigators)
Katie Hornbeck, 7th grade Language Arts (Pathfinders)
David Loner , PE
Chad McLarty, 7th grade Math (Trailblazers)
Kathy Miller, 8th grade Language Arts (Navigators)
Allyssa Nelson, PE
Molly Powers, 8th grade Math (Navigators)
Tricia Proffitt, RAP & ELL 
Jim Ryan, 7th grade Social Studies (Trailblazers) 
Stacy Slintak, 6th grade Instructional
Cassie Vermillion, 8th grade Language Arts (Navigators)
Susan Weckler, 6th grade Language Arts (Voyagers)
Lisa Wiltse , AAP

See the District news story for the full list of 76 for all the District (this year's awards are for Middle & High Schools)