In September, the new 6th grade class experienced their first TRREK store. 

The TRREK Store is a monthly event that is a favorite feature of the Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports program. (For more details, see the PBIS page.)  Over 4000 TRREK's were redeemed at the first store event . 


6th grade students check out the wares.


Students study up on how many TRREK's are needed for the big-ticket items.


"I thought that the trek store was amazing,it had so many choices to chose from, and it even had 5 treks for people that had 5 treks, thank you very much." - Chase R.

"The TRREK store was really cool and fun"- Morgan B.

"thank you for having the trek store." - Michael K.

Mrs. Kern's students reported that they were glad to see all the choices of things they could buy, even though they didn't have enough to buy much at this point in the year.  However, many students also commented about how crowded it was and suggested that they be let go from tables (10-20 at a time) to go to the TREKK store so that it would be more orderly. 





This student was overheard to say "I could get this for my sister." The December TRREK store is especially popular for shopping.