New students, new Chromebooks...

Central Middles school welcomes two new administrators this year, Principal Brett McPherson and Assistant Principal Jessica Larson. A graduate of Cornell College, Mr. Mcpherson taught history at Richmond-Burton Community High School. He then spent 11 years in various administrative positions in Genoa-Kingston, followed by 2 years as Assistant Principal at Marengo High School. 


Besides Mr. Mcpherson and Ms. Larson, BCMS welcomes the following new staff:

  • Ross Alexander-Team Journey
  • Leslie Aska-Encore
  • Tom Chennell-Social Worker
  • Roger Christensen-8th Grade Science-Quest
  • Lora Delorme-Head Custodian
  • Brenna Hickcox-6th Grade Math-Crusaders
  • Laura Michaels-Psychologist
  • Nikki Penherski-Instructional Coach
  • Molly Powers-8th Grade Math-Navigators


Over 3 days in August, Mr. McPherson introduced himself  and laid out student expectations  for the coming year. 

CMS Student Expectations

Mr. McPherson talking to students




Central Middle School a welcomed a whole new class of 6th graders. In their elementary schools, most students had already been using chromebooks in the classroom. Now in middle school, the students are expected to be responsible for "their own" chromebook, checked out to them for the year, to be used both at school and for homework. 

Returning 7th and 8th graders also got their chromebooks back at the beginning of the year. For 3 days, the library was a very busy place!

Mrs. Brown waits patiently while Mrs. Zarembski explains to her class what to do.


Crusader Team checkoutAs one class gets their name stickers on their chromebooks, the next class patiently waits. 


7th graders await

Someitmes students had to be VERY patient. These 7th graders did a great job waiting for the classes ahead of them.